About Us

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Every Stylist at Shag Salon is an Independent Contractor, which means:

Each Stylist takes their own calls and texts

They make their own appointments

They set their own prices

They handle their client transactions

They offer their own promotions and retail

If there is any issue with any of the above, please contact your stylist directly.

Shag Salon is a group of sassy, fun women who are at the top of their game, and are always reaching for more!  Together, we strive to create an environment that push each other to learn and grow, and encourage one another to be better than yesterday.

For you, we aim to offer a friendly greeting, refreshments and a cozy environment so you can feel completely at ease with the half dozen friends you're sure to make while you're here!  

After we discuss the myriad of things that go into choosing the best hair for you, because lets be honest- it goes way deeper than just a picture!  You'll walk out of our salon feeling like your most authentic self- inside and out, with a pep in your step, ready to take on the world... or at least kid pick up at the school, right?!

Our Vision

Our Story