Do you love to hate Dry Shampoo??

January 22, 2019 by Courtney Brown

Dry shampoo is literally my best friend!!.. Sorry Sarah!

I literally dread the showers that I will have to do everything.. wash my hair, shave something, exfoliate this… Ugh.

We recently asked our Facebook followers how frequently they wash their hair, and why if they felt so inclined to tell us! The habits and opinions stretched from the devout “daily shampooers” to the “once-a-weekers”!

The “why’s” were of equal range.. it’s too greasy on day 2, they don’t know how to style to camouflage, THEY STRUGGLED WITH DRY SHAMPOO, their hair was too dry to wash frequently etc.

So, we’ll hook you up with a few tips on what to look for in your dry shampoo so if you’re not satisfied with your current can, you’ll be ready next time!!

-Give it a SNIFF- The scent of a dry shampoo can be a deal breaker, bust that cap open and spray a smidge!.. Do you like it enough to smell like it all day?

-Price and Brand- Is not always an indicator of quality.. The most reputable brands may have just created a dry shampoo to compliment their line of products but their strengths may be shampoos and conditioners, or other styling products.

-Spray or Powder- It totally matters! Just because your friend uses a spray (aerosol) dry shampoo and swears by it, does not mean that is the one for you! Powders can be amazing especially for us fine-haired gals! Think about it!

-Talk to your stylist- We dazzle you with our charm and knowledge regularly, but we aren’t always able to read minds, though we legit try to! The best time to ask your stylist about dry shampoos is right when you sit down in their chair, before they have shampooed you, or applied color. Then we can play with it on your head, right at that moment! The worst situation ever is if you “hate” a dry shampoo because it didn’t work, when you really just needed a hands-on tutorial!

As always, We got you girl.