As important as Consultations are (and you should be having them every visit), much of my salon career has been in the Tourism Sector.  That being said, I became very fluent in the art of the consultation; I had one visit to fulfill my clients expectations.

It goes without saying there is much that goes into coloring and cutting hair, but 'hearing' my clients, being able to contribute to our plan and trusting what I know from our conversation and what I know in the Science & Chemistry of my craft affords me the confidence to get it right!

I often hear clients note that they struggle to find someone who isnt afraid of the Razor.. Fortunately, I have made it a personal mission to keep up on my extensive 'razor cutting' knowledge and usage. 

I wanted a career that allowed me to be creative and artistic, but if we are being completely honest; helping people feel good about themselves is a perk that very few industries can claim.